inspired by: Country Chic Paint Creme Brulee and Dark Roast

Country Chic Paint Creme Brulee and Dark Roast
{two-toned rocking chair}

I just finished painting this cute little rocking chair for a sweet little monkey. I painted it with Country Chic Paint and didn't wax it or tough coat it to protect it - I think I'll let a little guy distress it naturally.

Here's how I painted my rocking chair
in Country Chic Paint Creme Brulee and Dark Roast

My painted rocking chair tutorial is posted on the Country Chic Paint blog and you can read my DIY here:

Two-Toned Rocking Chair

It's a post for the 2014 Blogger Squad for Country Chic Paint! We are a team of DIY bloggers posting our inspiring furniture and home décor makeovers with this fabulous chalk and mineral based paint. You can find our projects here:

Country Chic Paint Blog

The best part about this paint is that it's got zero VOCs and that makes it environmentally friendly and a great choice for those that believe health and the environment should be taken seriously. It's great to work with too with little to no prep work, it's super easy to apply and it dries very quickly. It's my favourite paint for all my furniture and home décor projects!

Country Chic Paint Creme Brulee and Dark Roast
{for my little monkey}

Note: I have been selected to be on the 2014 Blogger Squad for Country Chic Paint and I have been provided paint for testing and review purposes. The creativity is entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. All opinions here will always be mine! 


inspired by: patriotic projects


Canadian map wall art - Inspire Me Heather
{I am Canadian}

I have joined up with more than 30 AMAZING bloggers to tackle the challenge of creating a patriotic project or recipe without using the traditional red, white and blue colour scheme! How fun is that?! Starting two weeks ago and running through July 4th, more than 30 projects will be shared on some of the most awesome blogs around. I can't wait to see all of the inspirational projects and hope YOU will find some inspiration as well.

Canadian map wall art - Inspire Me Heather
{grey painted board}

My project was a Canadian map painted on a piece of board. I found the wood board on the beach one day, it was already cut into a circle and it had four holes drilled around the edge. I thought maybe it came from a boat or a dock? I'm not sure. It came home with me anyway. I painted my board with dark grey paint and allowed it to dry.

Canadian map wall art - Inspire Me Heather
{taping my map into place}

I found a map of Canada on the internet and printed it out in the size that I wanted - that meant 2 sheets of paper but that's okay. I taped my map into place with a piece of tape on each sheet of paper.

Canadian map wall art - Inspire Me Heather
{rubbing chalk on the underside of the paper}

To get the map onto the painted board I rubbed chalk all over the underside of the paper and then flipped the paper over right-side and traced along the outline of Canada with a pencil.

Canadian map wall art - Inspire Me Heather
{using a pencil to trace my map}

The piece of tape keeps the map in place. The chalk from the underside of the paper makes a faint outline on my dark grey board. I had to go back and forth several times to make sure I had everything correct - it's Canada after all!

Canadian map wall art - Inspire Me Heather
{painting in my map}

I filled in my map with white paint and after the paint had dried I wiped my board with a damp cloth to get rid of any chalk dust.

Canadian map wall art - Inspire Me Heather
{letting the paint dry}

My Canadian map wall art project was something I worked on in the mornings, in my kitchen beside the window. The sun cast shadows from our cherry tree filled with little chirpy birds just outside. I like how my patriotic project without using the traditional colours of red and white turned out!

Now, before you head out, be sure to check out the AMAZING projects that were shared the last two weeks AND be sure to enter for your chance to win a $310 Target Gift Card by using the Rafflecopter at the end of the post!

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{stories of a house} DIY garden fence

DIY garden fence from a picnic table - Inspire Me Heather
{a fence for the garden}

Have I told you about my DIY garden fence from an old picnic table? I have it in the herb garden out in our backyard. It was just one of those projects that fell together on a whim one afternoon.

DIY garden fence from a picnic table - Inspire Me Heather
{my herb garden}

I had a small collection of free picnic tables (hey you have to collect something, right?) and one day while weeding though the garden I thought that the garden needed a backdrop of sorts.

DIY garden fence from a picnic table - Inspire Me Heather
{isn't that beautiful old wood?}

My herb garden was a vegetable garden before me. It had a large comfrey on one side and some alstroemeria on the other. Both are gorgeous perennials that were there to stay.

DIY garden fence from a picnic table - Inspire Me Heather
{hey, get off my fence!}

At the back, on the side closest to the neighbours was an old rose bush and some climbing clematis and so it seemed like the back was a good place to put up my fence. I have visions of the climbers taking it over, weaving though the old wood.

DIY garden fence from a picnic table - Inspire Me Heather
{that's fennel}

The picnic table that I donated to the project was looking a little sad anyway. Hubby was off at work and I thought that the boards were the right size and they had the right amount of chippy paint that us DIY'ers take so much pride in re-creating. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I even reused the nails!

DIY garden fence from a picnic table - Inspire Me Heather
{sigh, my beautiful garden}

Hubby didn't question why I had taken apart the picnic table to make a fence when there's lot's of other wood around. That's how things go around here. Reminds me of the time he came home from work and I surprised him with a backhoe digging in the backyard, but that's another story.

If you liked my story, may I suggest more in this series:

how to: (not) mow a lawn

How to: (not) mow a lawn - Inspire Me Heather
{my back yard}

Okay, was that a confusing post title? Are you wondering why am I showing you these photos? Well, that's my lawn and I mowed it and I think it looks great. Hubby doesn't like my lawn mowing technique one bit though and so I must write this post.

Why this IS how to mow a lawn:

Established bloggers are considered experts. We hit "publish" and our articles go out to the world - that's a bigggg place. Gulp. We are knowledgeable in our niches as we research our topics, we stay on top of trends to deliver fabulous content that relates to our readers. Our goal is to motivate, teach, influence and inspire!

So if I write up a blog post that says the following,

"Mow your lawn going up and down the lawn as close as possible and if you miss any gaps turn around and go tackle them as you see them. Continue on or make a new pattern going the other way looking for new gaps as you go. Avoid any kids, toys or small wildlife. Listen to loud music and go with the rhythm. Your lawn should look like an abstract design when you are done."

and my post is published and I have a lot comments from my on-line community (could you please dear reader take the time to compliment on my lawn) I am therefore a trustworthy source. If I get a tonne of people talking about my lawn mowing though my responses this post might get noticed by Google and other social media sites - it could go viral! I am an expert! I am an authority because I have established credibility!

Do you agree? I'm curious.

How to: (not) mow a lawn - Inspire Me Heather
{ps - I don't rake}

For you my dear Hubby, this IS how you mow a lawn because I wrote and published an article on it. It is going to get noticed because it is a unique way to mow a lawn and it is different. This "how to" post is my own personal opinion and I wrote it with confidence. I am an authority on the subject of mowing. Now could you please go rake it.


inspired by: Country Chic Paint Simplicity


{beachy dresser}

I found this sweet little dresser on the side of the road with a "free" sign so it had to come home with me! I was all wood (blah) so I painted the frame in Country Chic Paint Simplicity and left the basket drawers alone, I think it's beachy beautiful.

Here's how I painted my dresser in 

Country Chic Paint Simplicity

My painted dresser DIY is on the Country Chic Paint blog where I've posted my before and after. You can read my guest post here:

"Simple" Basket Dresser

I am a part of the 2014 Blogger Squad for Country Chic Paint! We are a team of bloggers inspiring you to transform your hopeless looking thrift store finds into stunning décor pieces. You can find our projects here:

Country Chic Paint Blog

There are a lot of amazing furniture makeovers and home décor items all painted with this fabulous chalk and mineral based paint. Come on over and take a peek!

{it's a keeper!}

Note: I have been selected to be on the 2014 Blogger Squad for Country Chic Paint and I have been provided paint for testing and review purposes. The creativity is entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. All opinions here will always be mine! 


inspired by: gingham


Inspired by: gingham - Inspire Me Heather
{my DIY gingham pillow made from a tablecloth}

I've noticed that gingham is very hot this season in clothing but what about in home décor? I had a look around the blogs for current DIY projects in this quintessential summer pattern and honestly, I didn't find too much. What's up with that? I made a gingham outdoor pillow for my chair out of a tablecloth so that's my contribution to gingham style.

So back to my search for projects all made with this timeless and classic gingham pattern reminiscent of picnics and barbecues. Let's go on a picnic then, shall we?

Here's what I found for current gingham DIY projects:

I liked this easy tablecloth bunting from Sincerely Sarah D made with picnic tablecloth. Like Sarah says, "it’s inexpensive, durable and instantly makes your party awesome" and I agree!

These DIY summer picnic coasters were really cute. I found them on the Lil' Luna blog and they even have little ants matching across them too.

There's a beautiful gingham quilt with button ants on the blog Sew We Quilt. It's for the love of gingham picnics..... and it's got the cutest gingham plates and napkins too to go with it too.

There are some free Spring gingham printables over at the Perfectly Imperfect blog, they were made into place card holders there but they could be used for all different kinds of other projects too.

There's some design history over at Design Sponge (love that blog!) it's their D*S pattern book: tartan vs. gingam, and what the difference is.

Gingham - Inspire Me Heather
{in my garden}

So, what do you think of gingham style? Heeeyyyy, picnic lady? Have you got anything gingham in your home? What about a wall painted in gingham, or a ceiling? Something in fabric maybe - a chair, couch, pillows, bedding, or curtains? Are you inspired to DIY something out of gingham now?

Oh and did you know that June 18th is the International Picnic Day?? Yes and I'm going to dress head to toe in gingham that day for work. Yep. Are you with me?


how to: clean metal hardware

How to clean metal hardware - Inspire Me Heather
{home DIY methods}

Are you looking to restore your rusty old metal door knobs and hinges? What about cleaning those grimy pulls and knobs off of an old dresser or cabinet? Instead of buying a bunch of products to refurbish those knobs, hinges and pulls to new, I have some home DIY cleaning recipes for you to try – and I bet you already have the ingredients in your pantry!

Here's how to clean metal hardware:

First, remove the hardware from the door or piece of furniture. Remove as much loose “stuff” as you can with a brush (you can use an old toothbrush). When cleaning, be sure to wear gloves to protect your skin.

If you are removing old paint try a mixture of hot water and washing soda (sodium carbonate). Leave the hardware in the solution for several days and then gently peel off the paint.

To clean up your metal hardware try gently boiling it in a pot over the stove with water and baking soda for 15-20 minutes.

If your hardware is just greasy from use, just soak it in water and dish detergent.

To remove rust try soaking the hardware in a solution of lemon juice and borax and then gently scrub with a brush.

If the metal is copper try soaking it in lemon, ketchup or vinegar and then gently scrub with a brush or wipe with a rag. If the hardware is chrome, you can use an equal solution of vinegar and water. If it’s brass try cleaning it with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and then wipe it with a brush or a rag.

Rinse all solutions off well with plain water and allow to dry.

How to clean metal hardware - Inspire Me Heather
{lemon and Borax to clean off rust}

Now if I could only find the matching old metal door hardware to my existing hardware, I'd be a happy gal. I'd take it dirty or clean.

Have you tried cleaning old metal hardware? What has worked for you? Please let me know in the comments section below!