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Inspire Me Heather green couches
{why do I have green couches?}

When we moved into our little old house back in 2005 I had a newborn baby with us and things were a little stressful. To ease some of the pressure my husband and I made a little bet. I said that we wouldn't be able to move in after 2 weeks of buying the house - we wanted to refinish the floors first and clean up the bathroom (it was sooo icky) and then do some major, major cleaning. He assured me that we could get everything we wanted to get done and move in on time. If I won then I would get a new furniture for the living room. See, my old couch set was looking a little tired and the cats had been scratching to the arms and such. So... when he lost the bet he had to go buy me new couches and I got to light my old couch and chair on fire in the backyard.

Inspire Me Heather burning couch
{the old couches were white, I loved them!}}
So now we have a large backyard with well water so we dragged the hose out close to our firepit and I torched that old furniture good! Our neighbour decided that it was a good time right then to come over and meet us and to let us know that he was one of the volunteer fire fighters in our area and that the regulations state that all fires must be contained in a 3 foot by 3 foot area. Big ooops for us and welcome to the neighbourhood!

Inspire Me Heather living room
{I went with neutrals}
So because I was really busy moving into our new home, I didn't put much thought into what colour couches I wanted so we went up to the furniture store and came home with some lovely FOREST GREEN couches. Now I've had to live with these green couches and there's no way anytime soon I will be able to get new furniture (unless I can think of another really good bet) - arg! That is what my living room looks like now, it's so very neutral and still a work in progress (like, that mantle for example - but that's another story). So, have you ever made any bad decorating decisions or regrets? Please tell me about it!

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  1. We had a similar experience without the newborn. A house that our friends just couldn't quite believe that we had bought and a lot of work ahead of us.

    10 years on we've doubled it's size and I don't think there is a nook or cranny that we haven't redone, painted, reworked...and now with a little one of our own.

    It's all a lovely process.

  2. About eighteen months ago my husband spent a week beautifully painting our living room, dining room, and entry way wall Cape Cod Grey, by Benjamin Moore...(sort of a grey-green color)...i wish it was lighter or white...since the paint was mucho expensive...I will live with it for two more years! Your couches could be slip covered...that's what I am doing with our ugly brown couch for a temporary fix.

    Your living room is very pretty and restful, Heather!
    Have a good weekend!

  3. You could slipcover (though unless custom made or higher quality - my experience is that they bunch up easy and don't look form fitted) or you can work with the green! Try going on dhttp://design-seeds.com/ & look for the green and see what color patterns you can mix together :)

    I love your oval mirror!

  4. Hi Heather
    I have the exact same green couches in my living room! I wish they were a different color too, white would be nice but that would never fly in my house. With 3 teenaged girls white would be a disaster! I would love gray... someday!
    I like the fire story too!

  5. I looooooooooooooooooove this series! ...and I cannot believe you threw a couch on an open fire! awesome.

  6. What a great way to meet your neighbours! What I have to live with is furniture given to us by my mother-in-law - an oak bedroom suite that my husband insists is too good to get rid of and he won't hear of painting it. It is in good shape - just looks dated. When we moved last year I didn't let him put the triple mirror back on the dresser, so that's one small improvement.

  7. I think we've all made such decisions. We have two forest green Stressless chairs. They are sublimely comfortable but limit what I can do with the family room. I have no idea why I thought that particular green was appropriate! On the other hand, if you can get your hands on a copy of the Christmas Country Home magazine there is a beautiful house with green couches - made me wish for a couple!

  8. I had forest green couchs in our last house. I didn't see it as a mistake but I was glad when they had to be replaces so maybe it was.

  9. Thanks for the laughs this morning Heather!!! Funny pic. I have made the conscious decision that whenever I know a piece of furniture or dish or anything that will be with us for a long time is white. I know it sounds boring but it's easier to layer colors with a clean foundation. My slip covered, white couches can be washed and I can toss every color of the rainbow pillows on them, whenever I want or not want. I learned early on in my twenties not to go for trends.... my family never let me off the hook for buying a glass coffee table that had a circle, square and triangle for the base. #80"s!!!!!!!! I did this in the 90's.

  10. I love that you absolutely broke up with your old furniture in the fire ... awesome! And I have a red coffee table, so I have to decorate around that ... good thing it's my favorite color :)


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