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Inspire Me Heather painted table
{my hand-me-down painted table and chairs}
For our family, the center of our house is the dining room. Off one side there's the living room and off the other is the entrance to the kitchen and then on the side opposite the bay window there is the hallway to the rest of the house. So naturally this is the place where we gather (and "stuff" gathers there too for some reason) and this is where we sit as a family for dinner every night. We were given a second-hand dining room table and it was nice, it was oak colour and in good shape but I new immediately that I had to paint it! I like the contrasting look of a dark table with white chairs so that's what I did!

Inspire Me Heather stencilled tablecloth
{and then I tried stencilling a tablecloth}
The chairs that came with the table were nice too but we found these ones "dumpster diving" one day. We were all out for a walk and came across a burn pile and there they were - they just needed a little fixing up (and to be painted of course!). It was one of those "hubby please go get the truck" moments so he had to walk back to the house while I guarded those chairs. Back at the house we primed the table and chairs with Zinsser brand primer (I use that on all my furniture painting projects, it's great stuff!) and then painted them.

Inspire Me Heather dining room table
{I love the colour combination in our dining room}
So now the table is back to being chocolate brown after the stencil job I gave it - it's Benjamin Moore Mink and the chairs are Benjamin Moore Simply White with a polyurethane top coat. It gets dinted and scratched all the time but that's part of the story of a table, isn't it? The chairs might get something done to them this year, maybe number stenciled or some pretty chair cushions on them, I'm not sure. The other side of the dining room is getting a makeover too, but that's another story. So what does your dining room table and chairs look like?

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  1. What a lovely post.
    When our children were young the dining room was the centre of the house too. We have a table that we bought at an auction in 1975. Oak and solid, it has stood the test of time for our family and for generations before, I'm sure. The chairs were picked up from a 'heavy days' pile at the side of the road. Incredible that someone was throwing them out - that was in 1973. There may be fancier dining rooms, but one that is the heart of the home is the best, in my opinion.
    I hope you'll show us what you do with the chairs when they are next transformed!

  2. Our table and chairs are from 1996 and really need to be updated. I think the table would look fantastic painted, but the chairs just need to be replaced (solid, but too ornate for my style now). I like the contrast between the mink and white. Happy Holidays!

  3. Good Morning, Heather!
    I love your post today. Our dining room, as well, is the "heart of our home".

    You have undoubtedly read my references to our farm table. My husband and I bought it at a barn that held antiques in Alabama, thirty seven years ago. The chairs were purchased at a huge antique warehouse on Harbor Island when we returned home to Seattle one year later.

    It's no wonder that you and I are connected in blog world, we have very similar direction with color.

    Merry Christmas to all at your beautiful table!

  4. I use Zinsser all the time too - it's the best! Love the colors you chose for your table and chairs! I have some chairs I need to paint too!

  5. I love the colors too.. I adore contrast! :)
    This is much like my dining. Mine started out as a light natural wood color. I painted the chairs and base of the table ivory and stained the top a dark walnut...looks very similar! Love it!


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