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Inspire Me Heather little mans room
{little mans room}
I've always thought that the sky is the limit when decorating a kid's space. For us, it was creating a room for a little baby boy. The room for him was pale pink when we bought our little old house so for us, that had to go! It had a tall ceiling and beautiful trim work which I had been re-painting a glossy white to match the trim throughout the house. I was trying to think of a colour that could grow with him. I wanted the wall colour to go with soft baby pastels, bright toddler secondary colours and then eventually a mature primary palette for a young boy. I picked a deep blueberry blue and have been so happy with that colour, it had the warmth and energy I was looking for!

Inspire Me Heather Little Tykes furniture
{I tried to match up the colour of the Little Tykes furniture}
Now because we had a clean slate to begin with (other than the trim which had to be white) we didn't have to coordinate with any existing upholstery or textiles and we got to choose the flooring. It had a large window with natural light so I didn't have to pick a bright colour for a dark room. It is a small room so I wanted a deep colour to make it feel larger. I also thought about the style of house - it's a 1920's home so we wanted more traditional colours with a nautical feel (to suit our lifestyle) and we also wanted a playful, young, energizing colour for a kid.

Inspire Me Heather racecar bed
{ I loved how bright colours went with the blue on the walls} 
So there we have it - and the colour is Behr "bleached denim" if you wanted to know. Now, this week I've cleaned out his room and right now it's completely empty. Construction has begun to add onto the house and part of this will become the stairway to the new upstairs and the rest of it will become a home office. I have some of that 'bleached denim" colour left over and want to paint a piece of furniture for that room, to remind us of when it was a bedroom. Now I have to think about wall colours for my sons new bedroom and I'm going to do the same thing customizing it for an Elementary school boy and then one day, for a teenager. There are many new things to consider and I might not get it right the first time but hey, it's just paint. I've had to paint over other rooms several times before to get it right, but that's another story. How about you? Have you painted a room and got it right the first time?

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  1. That's a very good blue!
    Yes, I've found the perfect yellow from Benjamin Moore - I'm not home right now and can't look at the paint can, but if you want the name I'll send it to you next week.

  2. Adorable! It's such a special time when you are decorating a room for your week one.

  3. what an amazing space for a lil GUY...you always do inspire me ~Janice from formly Janice's Footsteps.

  4. The perfect little boy color! My little boy is now 26...enjoy this time because they grow up so fast. Happy Weekend!

  5. Very excited for you upcoming construction Heather, can't wait to see pictures!

  6. My favorite part of this post is that you are going to paint something else in the same color to remember this room ... what a neat way to preserve this memory!

  7. What a cute room! I'm sure that race car bed was a hit! I've changed my son's room several times. He had built in's that had a roof over his bed! Maybe one day I can blog about the old room! sweet memories!

  8. Thanks for sharing your son's room! I am in this boat right now ... trying to figure out a room that will "grow" with my son. He is 4 now, and I need to update his room to include a "big boy" bed.


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