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Inspire Me Heather holiday card garland
{my holiday card garland in the dining room}
I like the old fashioned tradition of sending out Christmas cards and I love to receive them too. I've always saved all the cards I've collected for my craft box, to use for other holiday projects. When we moved into our house I started a new tradition of cutting them up into strips and making garlands out of them.  Now as each year goes by, my garlands are getting bigger and bigger and they are strung everywhere - all over the house!

Inspire Me Heather holiday garlands
{these ones are in the kitchen by the phone - which works!}
Some of the people that have sent those cards are no longer with us but their spirits are linked with the friends and family that are here. Often I'll walk by one of the garlands and see a card that someone has made or a signature peeking out and I'm reminded of the thoughtful greetings we've received. It is the season for family and friends and to be grateful and to reflect and connect.

Inspire Me Heather Christmas card garland
{even cards from bloggers, recognize that house?}
I think that when my garland gets too big and I run out of places to hang them I'm going to make some other recycled keepsake crafts with the cards. I've seen pretty paper ball ornament tutorials around and they do look beautiful. I've seen Christmas card trees and wreaths too, there are many possibilities. Do you recycle anything in your home to make something else? We recycle furniture a lot around here, but that's another story. Do you have any holiday decorating traditions? Please tell me about them!

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  1. Garlands everywhere - now that's a great idea! We used to have them in school when I was a little girl, perhaps that's why this appeals to me so much <3

  2. I love the thought of a signature peaking out to remind you of a friend. Your garlands are a wonderful idea.
    Over here at Pondside we use a lot of pinecones, holly and cedar. A big tradition is the making and hanging of Danish woven paper hearts. They hang form the tree, are filled with candy, given as gifts. They say 'Christmas' to me.

  3. LOVE this garland Heather, very cool and what a neat thing to do. Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great weekend.

  4. I can't wait to one day - come visit my wonderful Canadian friend. Till then these shots of your life do me justice.
    Merry Christmas, Tammy

  5. this is such a fun and colorful idea! i love it!

  6. That's a clever idea! I don't give cards myself, I give Christmas tree decorations instead. They're around the same price as cards and I like to think they'll last longer.

  7. What a great idea Heather! I love it! Far better than just keeping them in a box.

  8. What an absolutely awesome way to preserve the cards for years to come ... pinning and featuring you a little later this morning!! Have a great weekend, Heather!

  9. Love this project...I have all our old cards in the bottom of the ornament storage bins!!

  10. I save cards in a box that is getting too big!!! I can't do it anymore Heather, but I can't stop! You just saved me!! I think I may try this, this Christmas, and if I do...I will give you all of the credit my dear. So darn clever and MEANINGFUL :) XO PINNING!

  11. Heather, that is a wonderful idea, a fantastic way to save all the cards we accumulate. I love it and may have to adopt the idea for our home.
    Debbie :)


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