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Holly filled jars - candle DIY
{holly candles}

We are very fortunate to have several holly trees on our property. When it comes around to Holiday time I go outside and cut holly and place them in glass jars with some water and place a floating candle in each one.

I make several holly jars for visual appeal and group them together for impact. I think they would look great too in glass containers of varying height as it would give a nice depth to the grouping. This idea works with almost any Winter evergreen trimmings and they look pretty with a ribbon around them too. If you don't have access to anything naturally outdoors I think that cranberries or slices of oranges from the grocery store would look beautiful too.

Holly filled jars - candle DIY
{my DIY candle}
My holly filled jars make an inexpensive and easy centrepiece. That's what it is like around here, we decorate a lot with natural elements for a simple and rustic look.  I have to change the holly every few days or so but that's okay, we have lot's here.

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  1. They look so pretty, Heather! We have holly on our property that I use at this time of year, too. I like all your ideas.
    Debbie :)

  2. Heather! Your jars are gorgeous! Now I'm singing Holly Holy Love again!

  3. We have it too. I was really sad to see our neighbours taking out their holly bush …. or tree because it was so big. I do know for a fact that holly's are pretty hardy and they are known to keep coming back. Pretty pics.

  4. I love love love this! We don't have any holly, but a friend has said I can come and cut anytime…so tomorrow it is! I'll try to post. I still (would you believe) have not started any Christmas decorations so the time has come….

  5. So beautiful, Heather! I love your idea!!

  6. This is a very clever way to bring nature indoors. I too, have a lot of holly in my yard.

    thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Now I know what to do with my holly next year. I love using it, but the points on some of the leaves are so sharp. I'll be happy to submerge them! So pretty with the floating candle. Thank you!


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