About Me

Hi, I'm Heather. I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada with my husband and our son. We bought a little 1920’s Craftsman Bungalow that had “good bones” but needed so much TLC. We are going through our house top to bottom, inside and out, and fixing it up ourselves. We have chosen to be thrifty in our home and to not live beyond our means. I hope that our house will never be done.

By the time we get something done at our house, I change my mind.

We love our house and property so much but it was so small for our family so we are adding on an addition. We couldn't afford to go a floor up so we're going a floor out. It’s basically a new master bedroom with ensuite plus a new bedroom for our son which is all over a carport for our vehicles, using our sons old bedroom as the stairway to the addition and what’s left, a new office and then our old master bedroom becomes a family room which we didn't have before - whew! We are making the new look old, it’s like the addition was always there.

My style is coastal inspired, farmhouse decorating and cottage gardening.

We are minutes away from the ocean and we spend a lot of time on the water with many travels though the Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands. We are raising our son to respect the ocean and the land and to appreciate where we live. The ocean inspires me to no end and the memories of our adventures bind my family. 

Our home is decorated in timeless earthy & neutral colours that were meant to blend in, not overshadow (I read that in a magazine somewhere). It's got a modern cottage feel meant to be comfortable and casual for our friends and family. We have a large collection of unique items that have been pulled together over time (also known as second-hand junk that has been lovingly repainted or refurbished by ME).

Our property was once an old orchard which we are reviving in our spacious backyard. I hope to have chickens as pets even though I hate eggs and would never eat them (the eggs or the chickens). We are bee-keepers and we are expanding our apiary, we find honeybees fascinating and very important pollinators.

Just a girl who decided to go for it.

I started this blog after being told by friends and family that I have a unique talent for fixing up a house and making into a home and doing it all on a budget. Why a blog though? Well, there's two parts to that and one of them is purely selfish: I want to be a better thinker, a better writer, a better photographer, and a better businessperson and I want to meet other people doing the same thing as me. I want to inspire others too - I want to say to the world, "hey if you're passionate about something, you CAN do it" and I'm hoping my posts here inspire you to be creative in your home!

I post about our little house in a series called
  {stories of a house}
which include some of the many projects we've tackled here including:

- refinished all the original hardwood floors
- painted the interior of the house (minus the basement)
- installed all new window treatments
- painted furniture throughout the house
- built coffee table out of old pallets
-transformed dining room hutch into media cabinet and then into bathroom vanity
- redesigned our entire bathroom to include a bathtub
- redesigned our entire kitchen (with help from Ikea!)
- designed cabinet corbels and cabinet feet for new kitchen
- installed kitchen wood floor and painted it with porch paint
- painted the entire exterior of the house
- designed back and front stairs (they had no landings) with new porches
- painted front door
- designed and poured two concrete stepping stone walkways
- created a concrete patio using stone pebble tiles
- designed a small carport to attach onto existing garage
- designed and built a fully functioning outside bathroom
- designed a gazebo with an outside stove
- designed and built a white picket fence & driveway gate
- designed a herb garden with over 30 herbs
- replanted all the gardens
- built a hypertufa rock wall
- currently working on an addition adding two bedrooms plus and
ensuite bathroom all over a carport attached to the house!


Thanks for visiting!